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Delilah's Daughters

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Delilah's Daughters - Plot & Excerpts

Dexter asked Tia on Monday morning after a car had picked up Veronica to take her to see the plastic surgeon about breast augmentation surgery. He’d wanted to go with her for support, and Veronica had wanted him there for the same reason. Tia had other plans.
    Tia lowered her coffee cup from her lips and placed it on the counter of the kitchen bar. “Get real, Dexter, nobody’s shutting you out. Your little wife had a doctor’s appointment. Besides, you’re supposed to be working on a book. Shouldn’t you be getting started?”
    “That’s exactly my point,” he said, after taking a sip of coffee. “How am I supposed to chronicle Veronica Y’s rise to stardom if I’m not allowed in meetings or on trips?”
    Tia tapped her finger against her cheek. “I knew it. You’ve got your nose out of joint because Mr. Washington wanted to meet with Veronica alone on Sunday night. That’s it, isn’t it?”
    It was, but Dexter refused to admit it.

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