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Desire in the Dark (2010)

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Desire In The Dark (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

ok sadly this short had so much potential but it just flopped. for such a short story the characters and motivation were well developed (compared to other shorts at least). sure the romantoc development could've been more fleshed out but that's always the case in these shorts. the sex scenes were hot but the reason I ended up not liking it is because the hero came off as a real jerk. he seemed like the type to treat a woman like dirt and I camt get behind that There are a lot of negative reviews for this short story and I really don't know why. Yes, the novella (used very loosely) is a little less than 31 pages, but that is no reason to trash the story. Simone's writing is very pornographic - I'm not certain I could take more than 31 pages. This is my first (used loosely) erotic novel and I enjoyed Simone's writing enough that I'm willing to pick up another one of her full-length novels in the future. I liked the characters and I felt like I learned quite a bit about them even though Simone's story starts in the middle of a whole world I know nothing about. The writer wrote a nice short story, the plot was intriguing (it could easily become an full novel), the characters were fascinating, and Simone wrote well. I don't see the problem.

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This one gets a four star, just cause it was awesome but too damn short.

shorter than i thought it would be, but nice, sexy little read. :)

now, this was a naughty nooner I thoroughly enjoyed...

For a short read that was hot!!!!!! Thx

Very hot short story!

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