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Malachim (2013)

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Malachim (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

The beginning of this book was excellent and engrossing (six stars!), but then I fell out of love (three grumpy stars), so I averaged my rating to four. I felt like there were too many plot twists and sex scenes in the second half, which drastically reduced the character building potential. Plus, I really wanted to see more of our heroine's life as a closet lawyer, and I got really sick of her not giving up her secrets as her friends started dropping around her like flies.That said, if any of the other books in the series were available for borrowing, the potential of the first half of this book would make me check them out. WOW, WOW AND DOUBLE WOW!!! --- Rarely have I been sucked into a story in the first two sentences and my attention held through out such a long story... This is INCREDIBLE... The underlying chemistry is there with the mistrust and anger and it keeps you hanging and loving the newnest of learning each other. enough sarcasm to enjoy the characters but a level of intelligence that is amazing... Now I have to go back and read the Gabriels story and then complete the others.. I am HOOKED!!! Thank you Naima Simone-- adding you to my favorite authors to follow list :)

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Solid, reliable romance/thriller with decent characters and an enjoyable plot.

Really liked this one. Suspense held to the end.

2nd in series. The lawyer and an abused wife.

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