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Devoted 2 : Where the Ivy Grows

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Devoted 2 : Where The Ivy Grows - Plot & Excerpts

We head across campus side by side, but he doesn’t try to take my hand or link arms with me, which is good. I’d probably have cancelled dinner if he did. I want a distraction, not a date.
    There are paps hanging around the college gates, so Leo orders a special VIP cab with tinted windows, and we drive from the college car park out into London.
    I can’t help looking at my iPhone every few minutes, but Marc hasn’t called or left messages.
    ‘It’s not me, is it?’ Leo asks as the cab shunts to a stop at traffic lights. He’s sprawled in the seat beside me, tapping his fingers on his knee in time to some imaginary tune.
    ‘What’s not you?’ I let my phone drop to my lap.
    ‘That’s making you look so sad.’ ‘Do I really look that sad?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Sorry.’ I sigh. ‘No. It’s not you.’ ‘Am I to guess it’s Marc Blackwell who’s making you sad?’ Stupid tears.

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