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Dog Training The American Male

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Dog Training The American Male - Plot & Excerpts

Nancy said, pouring herself another glass of lemonade. “They’ll put you under, snip-snip, and you wake-up with a small bandage on your penis. No big deal.”
“It’s far less invasive than breast implants,” Helen added. “Plus there’s the added benefits. For instance, you’ll never have to worry about getting cancer of the penis. Plus, adult circumcision also adds a large degree of protection against AIDS. You can never be too careful.”
 Truman Cabot glanced at the two younger women seated across from him on his third floor balcony. “Maybe it’s no big deal to you ladies, but it’s my penis. After nearly eighty-three years, I’ve grown attached to it—all of it.”
“It’s just the foreskin,” Nancy said.
“Trust us, women prefer men without that annoying skin cape. Your penis will smell a lot better and it’ll look great.”
“Oh, God, it’ll look amazing,”
Helen agreed enthusiastically. “We’ll practically have to beat my mother-in-law off with a stick just to keep her from . . . you know—grabbing you.”

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