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Duality - Plot & Excerpts

“Rest. Now.”
“Good idea.” Loren was exhausted. His arms tightened around Dara. She had not awakened once during the long flight northward. He saw a thicket aside the path. “Through there. We can rest unseen.”
Hani`ena eyed the long thorns. “You cannot be serious.”
He bowed his head, closed his eyes and extended his hands toward the thicket, palms forward, fingers interlaced. “Spirit of earth, mother, hear my plea. Hide us from unfriendly eyes. By the Lady I request.”
The hedge rustled, razor-edged branches curled back to reveal an opening. Hani`ena dropped her head and stepped through into a small clearing. The brush entwined back into place, more impenetrable than afore.
He raised face and hands skyward. “My thanks, mother.” He looked down at Dara’s still pale face. He needed to find out what her injuries were. Tossing his right leg over Hani`ena’s withers, he shifted Dara and took a deep breath.
“Spirit of air and wind, sister, I invoke a feather drop. Make me float to the earth feather light, feather slow, so I injure not my companion.”

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