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Finding Obscurity

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Finding Obscurity - Plot & Excerpts

Turning slowly to lie on my back, Ashton’s arms tightened around me protectively, pulling me closer into his body, tangling our limbs together. His long dark lashes were barely touching his cheeks and he looked so peaceful in his sleep with only light breathing on my shoulder. He was the epitome of male beauty and was in the same bed with his arms wrapped around me like he never wanted to let go. It was almost unreal and I pushed any thoughts of guilt from kissing Blake to the recesses of my mind; it didn’t deserve to be in the same bed as the man who was currently wrapped up with my body. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and I was almost tempted to look under the covers to see if he was clothed, but instead ran a finger along his muscular stomach.
I smiled at his gruff sleepy voice. “Hi.”
He leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips before snuggling into me and running kisses down my neck and licking my ear. I moaned and leaned into his lips while his hand edged under my tank top to play with my bare breasts, tweaking a nipple.

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