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Read Series: Abby Sinclair

by Author Allison Pang


A Sliver of Shadow (2012)

This series is definitely getting better. I enjoyed it far more than the first, and read through in less than a day because I couldn't put it down without finishing.Abby, although still making rash decisions didn't have me thinking 'what the bloody hell is she doing?' like Abby from book one. She...

A Sliver of Shadow (2012) by Allison Pang

A Brush of Darkness (2011)

Good but gonna leave it there. Somehow, in a very loose and abstract way, it was a bit too close to the horrors of real life. Like a warped mirror where all of humanity's worst sins are reflected in deformed mockery that still does not change The kidnappings, the betrayals, the sufferi...

A Brush of Darkness (2011) by Allison Pang

El Pacto: Un Desnudo de Pasión y Oscuridad (2012)

A whole new urban imaginary world to explore! I read her short story in "Carniepunk" and enjoyed hearing about how Melanie got her violin, so decided to dip my toes in other Crossroads novels of hers. This time Melanie is a minor character with the main one being Abby Sinclair. I have now ordered...

El Pacto: Un Desnudo de Pasión y Oscuridad (2012) by Allison Pang