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Read Series: Alpha Pack

by Author J.D. Tyler


Wolf's Fall (2014)

This is book 6 in the Alpha Pack novels and even though I hadn't read the precious 5, I thought I’d give this a try. Wolf’s Fall will be one of my read-everything-now-what-do-I-read? books. It has a story line that, even with some twists, I have experienced already with other books. Calla and N...

Wolf's Fall (2014) by J.D. Tyler

Cole's Redemption (2014)

Cole’s Redemption, Alpha Pack #5, by J.D. TylerGrade: B“They’re called Alpha Pack, and they all have special abilities, like seeing the dead of telekinesis or whatever, even before they were turned into shifters. Now they protect the world for just about every paranormal threat you can imagine - ...

Cole's Redemption (2014) by J.D. Tyler

Hunter's Heart (2013)

This book does not disappoint. I love the Alpha Pack and Hunter is such a hottie. This is the 4th book and they never disappoint. Never. The Alpha Pack were turned in Afghanistan, all of them have Psy gifts and all of them fight the bad and the badly messed up paranormal to keep humans safe and u...

Hunter's Heart (2013) by J.D. Tyler

Savage Awakening (2012)

It was an ok story but I just didn't feel much more than that. Rowan is a good character, strong, confident and ready to do anything to save her brother. Aric is a more complex character with a trouble past, which we don't actually learn a lot about sadly and who is being eaten alive by misplaced...

Savage Awakening (2012) by J.D. Tyler

Primal Law (2011)

Kinda boring. Feels like she spends more time introducing the next leads and relationships in the series than moving the plot along. The main character is also rather poorly developed. A kind person who starts off the book hearing a poor victim calling for help. Which she doesn't refer to aga...

Primal Law (2011) by J.D. Tyler