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Read Series: Art Of Love

by Author Donna McDonald


Captured In Ink (2011)

This book brought out Shane's personality in a manner that we hadn't seen heretofore in the other books in the series. While he matures immensely in this book, it's more his philosophy of believing in the positive power of the universe and his relationship w/ that universe that is detailed here. ...

Captured In Ink (2011) by Donna McDonald

Created In Fire (2011)

CREATED IN FIRE - All 34 yr old Michael Larson wants is to marry Carrie Addison, the mother of his future child, and love them both forever. He doesn’t care how or why Carrie is now in his life and his bed. His sole focus is how to keep her there no matter what it takes. I have really enjoy readi...

Created In Fire (2011) by Donna McDonald