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Donna McDonald
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Dating a Cougar (2000)

I thought this was chick lit for the more mature women. It wasn't. It was porn for women. Nothing wrong with it; but I found it immensely boring. That's why it has been such a gap since I last read a book, I struggled to finish this one. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sex, but I ...

Dating a Cougar (2000) by Donna McDonald

Dating a Metro Man (2000)

I have enjoyed this entire series. I gave all the other books 4 stars since there is no way to do a fraction. With this one I had to give it a 5. It is the best of the series for me. This series of books shows that there is life, love, fun, sex for us over the age of 40. They are a fun read, ...

Dating a Metro Man (2000) by Donna McDonald

The Demon Of Synar (2000)

I've had this book for a while and for some reason I kept putting off reading it. I guess the premise of the story didn't really appeal to me. The idea of the hero putting a demon inside his wife just seemed like a turn off. I only had the book because it's free.Well, I finally got around to read...

The Demon Of Synar (2000) by Donna McDonald

Created In Fire (2011)

CREATED IN FIRE - All 34 yr old Michael Larson wants is to marry Carrie Addison, the mother of his future child, and love them both forever. He doesn’t care how or why Carrie is now in his life and his bed. His sole focus is how to keep her there no matter what it takes. I have really enjoy readi...

Created In Fire (2011) by Donna McDonald

Captured In Ink (2011)

This book brought out Shane's personality in a manner that we hadn't seen heretofore in the other books in the series. While he matures immensely in this book, it's more his philosophy of believing in the positive power of the universe and his relationship w/ that universe that is detailed here. ...

Captured In Ink (2011) by Donna McDonald


If there was one thing she had learned while they’d been together, it was how obsessive he was about doors and locks. He’d never let her checking be enough, so she left him to do it now.  She slipped her shoes off in the foyer and padded across the floor to the sofa. She plopped down on it and le...

Brandi by Donna McDonald

Tangling With Topper

Her magic was growing weaker. Sheriff Buchanan was peering out the window and turned at her appearance. He raised a ghostly hand and pointed outside to where Theo stood talking to a couple of men in black suits. A nosy man in a crumpled, white polo was with them. He had to be the scientist becaus...

Tangling With Topper by Donna McDonald

McDonald_TWT_GENVers_Feb2014 (2014)

Her hand froze mid-dollop as both his hands slid from her waist up to her breasts and back. “I love this dress on you,” he whispered. “Dessert is ready,” Sabine whispered back, the words sticking in her throat. “I hope so,” Koka said. He turned her around and lifted her to her toes as he bent to ...

McDonald_TWT_GENVers_Feb2014 (2014) by Donna McDonald

Marcus 582: Book Three of Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined

She appreciated each cyborg patient’s fine form and considered her visual enjoyment to be one of the perks of her job.  Their second cyborg patient that morning had come in on crutches, but left walking on his two legs like normal. Grateful to be repaired, he’d hugged her and winked at a distract...

Marcus 582: Book Three of Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined by Donna McDonald

Peyton 313

“Brad? I know you’re in there. Open up.” The door slid silently open. As he walked in, a very attractive brunette was climbing off Brad’s lap. She was straightening her skirt as Brad was zipping up his pants. As cited, the infamous Gloria was very hot and frankly seemed pretty far outside his fri...

Peyton 313 by Donna McDonald

Magic and Mayhem: How To Date A Dragon (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Baba Yaga Saga Book 2)

Occasionally the man would speak to himself in that strange tongue that sounded like dragon to her ears. When he did utter words, a blue mist would form above Nathaniel and drop down on his body. Eventually Zenos stopped what he was doing. She waited patiently to hear what he had to say. Instead ...

Magic and Mayhem: How To Date A Dragon (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Baba Yaga Saga Book 2) by Donna McDonald

McDonald_SS_GEN_Nov2014 (2014)

She had been blessed by her five feet ten inch height and walked tall in her camouflaged uniform. Beyond her intimidating size, which dwarfed most of the men she’d known, her MP shield and the chevrons on her collars had provided the rest of what she’d needed to make men talk to her. Obviously, t...

McDonald_SS_GEN_Nov2014 (2014) by Donna McDonald

DAC_II_GenVers_Sept2013 (2013)

I let you drag me away from my hot, willing girlfriend on Friday night and out to a stupid bar. Now I get to ask you an honest question, and you have to answer me. Have you slept with her yet?” Daniel asked, shaking his head when Walter gave him a dirty look. “I’m not being perverted, just curiou...

DAC_II_GenVers_Sept2013 (2013) by Donna McDonald

The Tracker's Quest: (Forced To Serve #6)

She undressed slowly, tossing each piece of clothing on the bed after searching it thoroughly. Given Ineid’s expansive knowledge of their task, Seta now believed something in the domicile was bugged because gossip had spread too quickly. Ji had obviously missed the hidden device in his search. Sh...

The Tracker's Quest: (Forced To Serve #6) by Donna McDonald

Covered In Paint: Book Five of the Art Of Love Series

Once again, she found herself wondering how in the world a guy the size of her giant stepbrother had ever used the space. Her amusement drifted away as the pleasant scent of the soap mixed with the steam. Her long curly hair was mostly protected under a giant shower cap and Brooke was glad she’d ...

Covered In Paint: Book Five of the Art Of Love Series by Donna McDonald

McDonald_NoELFngWay_GEN_Dec2015 (2015)

He walked beside her, head up with determination. The original letter to Santa was clutched in his hand. It had taken a good ten minutes to convince him to leave the copies at home. Ten more were now hidden in his room in a place Nicky was sure his father would never look. Sneaky kid was probably...

McDonald_NoELFngWay_GEN_Dec2015 (2015) by Donna McDonald

The Healer's Kiss: Book Four of the Forced To Serve Series

Malachi asked. “If you wish,” Dorian replied, thinking it was a good idea because he’d rather have the demon where he could keep an eye on him than sitting behind him in a passenger seat doing who knew what kind of scheming. The spiritual arrogance that had made him brag to Liam and Ania about no...

The Healer's Kiss: Book Four of the Forced To Serve Series by Donna McDonald

Dating Dr Notorious (2011)

Lauren had been right about Ben Kaiser being a nice man. A nice man, Regina had learned, didn’t ravish a woman in bed and then just never call. A nice woman, Regina had concluded, would have been grateful for such common courtesy. Unfortunately, Dr. Regina Logan was not often a nice woman. She mi...

Dating Dr Notorious (2011) by Donna McDonald

Kingston 691: Book Two of Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined

For the two weeks before they’d found Seetha, he’d been knocking on it every other day. After the first visit, he had grown accustomed to the woman’s steady warm hug of welcome every time he arrived. Today all he could think was now Seetha was on the other side of the door. Annalise might still b...

Kingston 691: Book Two of Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined by Donna McDonald

Eric 754

Nero raised one of her eyelids and then the other. There was a distinct lack of consciousness, signs the hibernation code was still in effect. He had performed both restorations while the women were under the control of it.   The steady stasis state was quite amazing, as was their almost instant ...

Eric 754 by Donna McDonald

Hot SEALs: SEALed For Life (Kindle Worlds Novella)

She halted where she was and looked to her side as the clumsy culprit caught up with her. Judging from his youthful face and the smirk lighting it, the bump had been enjoyed even if it hadn’t been intentional. She snorted about having dressed appropriately as she glared. She was happy now that sh...

Hot SEALs: SEALed For Life (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Donna McDonald

McDonald_MM_GEN_Dec2013 (2013)

Romantic music filled the air as he walked back to her. “Sorry. My favorite radio show isn’t playing today. You’ll have to settle for the seduction playlist I made. Nathan gave me the idea.” “I’m sure he did,” Eve said snidely, thinking of how Megan looked every time she talked about Nathan’s rom...

McDonald_MM_GEN_Dec2013 (2013) by Donna McDonald

Magic and Mayhem: How To Train A Witch (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Baba Yaga Saga Book 1)

She could count on one hand the number of people who had ever tried to protect her. It was a short list—Morgana The Red, Emeritus, her maternal great-grandmother, her father, and the mage, Ambrose, who she’d almost bound herself to. She had no fingers left except the middle one for Damien Smoke a...

Magic and Mayhem: How To Train A Witch (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Baba Yaga Saga Book 1) by Donna McDonald

Dating A Saint (2011)

Jim cleared his schedule to ride along with Ben and Casey. Sam showed up at the door of the conference room. Having expected him, Jim rose and walked out with him into the hallway. “Hi, Sam” Jim said. “Hi. You—you wanted to talk to me? Is this about Sandy?” Sam asked. “Yes. Well, it affects...

Dating A Saint (2011) by Donna McDonald

Carved in Stone

His father was at Jessica’s still and likely wouldn’t be home until late Sunday. That left all Saturday evening and the whole next day for Michael to enjoy the peace and quiet of having his house all to himself. He loved his parents and was glad he was able to help them, but it was damn nice to b...

Carved in Stone by Donna McDonald


She was warm, dressed in soft flannel, and being held by a pair of strong arms. She sniffed, relaxing when she smelled a now familiar, sexy male. She whimpered when he rolled against her and nuzzled her throat.   “I want another taste of you so bad. You have no idea what a torture it has been let...

Ariel by Donna McDonald

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