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Captured In Ink (2011)

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Donna McDonald

Captured In Ink (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

This book brought out Shane's personality in a manner that we hadn't seen heretofore in the other books in the series. While he matures immensely in this book, it's more his philosophy of believing in the positive power of the universe and his relationship w/ that universe that is detailed here. And what a positive response he receives!Who wouldn't fall in love w/ Reesa? A woman who gives up everything to care for the FOUR children of her deceased sister, she is a strong, vibrant, powerfully positive role are most of Ms. McDonald's female characters.Also in this novel, Jessica and Will continue to fall more deeply in love, Carrie and Michael adjust and we learn that Brooke and Drake just might........ This is the third book in the Art of Love Series and all of them are well written and entertaining. I could not put any of them down. I like how the writer has woven the lives of this family together as a tapestry. It just keeps your interest. I enjoyed all of them but loved this book the most. The unspoken passion between Shane and Reesa is magnetic. a must read. There were times toward the end of the book where I thought that it needed to be prove read again and spell checked. There were a lot of typo's. But the plot and story line were captivating. I believe there is another one just after this and I plan to read that one as well.

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Man I didn't like how it ended so abruptly!!! I wanted more of Shane and Resa and the family!!

I loved Shane!looking forward to the rest of the series

Each book is wild and seasoned with great soul

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