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Read Series: Blood, Moon And Sun

by Author Amber Kell


Samhain's Kiss (2011)

"Oh fuck.""What? What's wrong?"Sasha turned his lover so he could see his back. "Love, I think you might want to get used to the idea of having wings."Randy paled. "What?""Well, I hate to bring up previous lovers, but long before you, I once had a fae lover. This is what their backs look like whe...

Samhain's Kiss (2011) by Amber Kell

Blood Signs (2010)

The story is really interesting, it's the kind of story i always search and never find, i always find those boring books with an exciting summary, and when i begin to read it all i see is: blah blah blah blah blah until i find something interesting, you know the feeling? But this book, THIS book ...

Blood Signs (2010) by Amber Kell