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Amber Kell
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Attracting Anthony (2009)

Hmm...hmmm...I don't know...It is way toooooo don't get a lot of how does it work, humans and magical "creatures" living next to each get almost no background on the characters.What you get is fast is hot- but is that all?Is it all you get to kn...

Attracting Anthony (2009) by Amber Kell

From Pack to Pride (2011)

This was a short, fun read and a great beginning to what could be an interesting series. As is typical in a "mated pair" scenario, there is insta-love but I'll admit I didn't find it jarring at all in this case. It was more presented as a case of insta-lust which is perfectly acceptable in any st...

From Pack to Pride (2011) by Amber Kell

Mate Hunt (2009)

3 1/2 stars. I really liked it. I wish some things had been explored more, but since it is the first in a series, I'll just have to hope for those tidbits in the next book. But OHHHH I wanted to see Val and Rai get a little more action together. I haven't looked to see if the next book has ne...

Mate Hunt (2009) by Amber Kell

Baiting Ben (2009)

Non, non, non. Trop c'est trop!Je ne comprends pas cette volonté de vouloir toujours écrire des histoires où il n'y a pas une once de psychologie, de sentiments vrais, d'histoire qui se tienne...Ce livre est pour moi ce qui se fait de pire dans le M/M, en entache l'image, et ferait détester un tr...

Baiting Ben (2009) by Amber Kell

Jaynell's Wolf (2013)

This was a fairly average love story in terms of plot. Two protagonists meet and poof find insta-love which is believable because one is a wolf shifter. Then a bad guy shows up and kidnaps the main character, only to be defeated and giving the protagonists a HEA. For how short it is, I felt that ...

Jaynell's Wolf (2013) by Amber Kell

Soldier Mine (2013)

The premise was great. I really looked forward to the story, but it was too rushed. Within two to three days the heroes met and then were engaged. They were supposed to be reincarnated lovers who have been together centuries. Instead of that nonsense, the author could have made this their first ...

Soldier Mine (2013) by Amber Kell

Trials of Tam (2011)

I really enjoyed this book--I previously read it when it was the authors 'blog story' but just bought it the other day to see what had changed/been added. To be honest I could not see anything right off the bat that had been added to it, but at the same time it has been a while since I read it as...

Trials of Tam (2011) by Amber Kell

A Prideful Mate (2011)

2.5 StarsThis is Kevin's (werelion) and Payce's (werejaguar) story. Kevin finds Payce through an online dating service. Kevin has two sons with a female werelion but is looking for his mate. He finds him when he finds Payce.The premise was ... interesting. I would have liked to see the tension be...

A Prideful Mate (2011) by Amber Kell

Anthony (2014)

Sur le papier, le résumé donnait vraiment envie, un univers qu’on connait déjà globalement, mais avec la touche de M/M en plus. Et pourtant au final, j’en attendait plus de cette nouvelle. Le couple principal ne m’a pas plus emballé que cela, tout se passe vraiment vite sans que rien soit approfo...

Anthony (2014) by Amber Kell

A Prideless Man (2011)

If it takes a reader 5 seconds to figure out the "Arthritis", why the main hero is so stupid? If shifters were a secret and he didn't know about them it might be believable. Now his father is shifter hater, gives him pills for his "Arthritis" which is unique and all. What, he never went to a doct...

A Prideless Man (2011) by Amber Kell

Blood Signs (2010)

The story is really interesting, it's the kind of story i always search and never find, i always find those boring books with an exciting summary, and when i begin to read it all i see is: blah blah blah blah blah until i find something interesting, you know the feeling? But this book, THIS book ...

Blood Signs (2010) by Amber Kell

Kevin's Alpha (2013)

Maybe I shouldn't have read two books of this author in a row. Kevin was better at being a supportive rather than a main character. Alpha was weaker than his Beta.Jay was trying to be less perfect but failed at this one thing only.Senators were a bunch of idiots and the main bad guy was even more...

Kevin's Alpha (2013) by Amber Kell

Wooing Master Jones (2011)

This is a short story about Stephen and Master Jones. Stephen is an art student and brother of the owner of a BDSM club. Master Jones is well known for not developing long lasting relationships with his subs. I loved learning how Stephen wooed Master Jones. I loved that Master Jones was so ex...

Wooing Master Jones (2011) by Amber Kell

Saving Valor (2009)

This just feels really rushed. I don't like the whole "pet" thing and always calling him petThey meet, have sex, and are in love. It was just like instant everything. The bad guys they fear and need hairs dogs to protect themselves from we're a joke. If I understand it right they attacked, with i...

Saving Valor (2009) by Amber Kell

To Have a Human (2012)

This was a cute, fast read. I really liked that it was a bit different than other shifter stories because of the whole human alpha thing.I liked Carey especially since he was such a badass. The fact that he wasn't a whimpering human who got himself kidnapped was a plus for me. Broden, a jaguar sh...

To Have a Human (2012) by Amber Kell

William's House (2011)

Great book. I'm hoping this become a series and Will's brothers and maybe even his father end up getting mated! It was one of those cute books that's an easy quick read but still enjoyable. Will and Cash were good together but I wish their relationship had a little more conflict. Perhaps some...

William's House (2011) by Amber Kell

Tyler's Cowboy (2011)

I do know what to expect when reading an Amber Kell book, but this one crossed the line to ridiculous early in the story.The cowboy gfy plot had my attention from when I first read the blurb, but the potential was just not reached. Cody wasn't believable as a tough manly-man cowboy, and his angs...

Tyler's Cowboy (2011) by Amber Kell

Tempting Sin (2010)

Reviewed by Patti, Book provided by Total-E-Bound Publishing, and Review originally posted at Romancing the Book.Sinclair (Sin) Alverston has become bored with life as he knows it. He wants to find that special someone to come home to but he hasn’t found anyone who gives him the feeling he needs ...

Tempting Sin (2010) by Amber Kell

The Vampire King's Husband (2009)

At times I liked the story. At others, not so much. Hence the three stars. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't especially good either. I liked the main story itself, even if it was rushed. Non-humans commonly know their mate immediately. And Vas was no exception. That was fine. Bas is a human, also fine...

The Vampire King's Husband (2009) by Amber Kell

Taking Care of Charlie (2011)

For what it was, it was well written. It was so short. It could have had a lot of meat in this story, but it was a fluffy, light, happy-ending read. Not sure if I'll read this one again or not. I will admit that I did read it a second time, but that's becaue I forgot the story and was looking ...

Taking Care of Charlie (2011) by Amber Kell

Mate Healer (2012)

While this couple wasn't quite as engaging as some of the previous MCs, I liked this book the best in the series so far because I felt it had the most substantial plot. Lian is a touch-healer, but on a planet where people have their own rapid self-healing, his skills are not highly valued. Lian...

Mate Healer (2012) by Amber Kell

Vampire Wanted (2010)

Damian was annoying, but Nick is awesome, I was rooting for William/Jeff and Sal/John but it didn't usual this book suffers from the Amber complex, and that is the book feels cramped, like too much happens at the same time and not everything is well explained or treated correctly, sti...

Vampire Wanted (2010) by Amber Kell

Kissing Orion (2009)

Sometimes I read certain books and thank the gods I didn't pay for them. This is one of them. I don't see the appeal and, in fact, feel cheated out of my time. The background is almost non-existent and the plot is absolutely ridiculous. Misspelling and grammar mistakes were pretty much everywhere...

Kissing Orion (2009) by Amber Kell

Lessons for Lewis (2012)

Yeah, I found the whole pregnant granddaughter of his mate creepy. Should've stuck with a randomer. Plus they should have been more harsh on her, suddenly they're nice to her? Not believeable. Also wouldn't haven't forgiven him so easily for sleeping with her just to prove a point to himself even...

Lessons for Lewis (2012) by Amber Kell

Prince Claimed (2013)

I have enjoyed her stories but I keep wishing they weren't so short. Which was a problem with Prince Claimed. A lot of information is squeezed into the pages (around 80 according to Goodreads) to give you a feel for the story and make you understand how the couple come to their happy ever after...

Prince Claimed (2013) by Amber Kell

To Catch A Croc (2013)

Highly disappointing second installment in what I thought was going to be a great series by a great author. To say nothing exciting happened in the book is putting it mildly. I kept hoping something great would Happen!! There is LITERALLY no point in reading this book at all. There wasn't exactly...

To Catch A Croc (2013) by Amber Kell

Ash Swan (2011)

Two of my favorite authors writing together, as soon as I saw this I was squealing like a fan girl. Both authors are great at taking what could be run of the mill story lines and making them into unique, hot, can't put down, page turners. Add in some amazing sex and a happily ever after and what ...

Ash Swan (2011) by Amber Kell

Samhain's Kiss (2011)

"Oh fuck.""What? What's wrong?"Sasha turned his lover so he could see his back. "Love, I think you might want to get used to the idea of having wings."Randy paled. "What?""Well, I hate to bring up previous lovers, but long before you, I once had a fae lover. This is what their backs look like whe...

Samhain's Kiss (2011) by Amber Kell

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (2011)

Not quite 3 stars.Dane Sanders is a true matchmaker with the powers to back up his claims. He sees auras that help him to match people to their mates. Dane helps a lot of shifters, but has thus far avoided vampires after vampires murdered his family. This book in my opinion had a lot of potent...

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (2011) by Amber Kell

The Wizard and The Werewolf (2000)

Hmm..aren't alphas supposed to show restraint? Kissing a guy just after you met him because he smells good doesn't exactly scream control, if you ask me. But it sure was super fun reading how an alpha got protected by a wizard before he could move. Worse, he was immobilized by him. Low blow to th...

The Wizard and The Werewolf (2000) by Amber Kell

To Enchant an Eagle (2013)

To Enchant an Eagle by Amber Kell was an enjoyable read that I felt was over far too soon. As the third installment of the Banded Brothers series, I was able to easily immerse myself in the author’s parallel world where paranormals of all sorts mix with humans, but I think that there were some r...

To Enchant an Eagle (2013) by Amber Kell

The Case Of The Cupid Curse (2013)

4****StarsAmber Kell along with RJ Scott have gotten together to dazzle us with a new paranormal series. Yes, Dazzle is the word for this fun first in a series of Sam Enderson, Detective!Sam has decided that inheriting a building through the death of a family member, Uncle Hanson, will change his...

The Case Of The Cupid Curse (2013) by Amber Kell

Xavier's Xmas (2010)

I love Amber Kell's writing...It always makes me feel like I'm sneaking out BEHIND the bleachers to do something naughty when I'm supposed to be sitting up IN them with the rest of the good kids in marching band...or like I'm hiding my mother's romance novels inside the cover of my science text a...

Xavier's Xmas (2010) by Amber Kell

To Kiss a Killer (2013)

What can I say? I didn't like this one at all. It seemed rushed, the ending was clearly bad and it just wasn't logical. You meet another man, who is your soulmate, and of course he has to want you back and love you even if you have only spend couple of hours together. Where is the bonding? Where'...

To Kiss a Killer (2013) by Amber Kell

Robert's Rancher (2012)

This is a very sweet romance between wealthy Robert Hawthorne, who can never find someone who wants him not his money and a disillusioned cowboy Glen King. Glen has had his chance of has own ranch sold out from under him. They meet when Robert crashes his truck on his way home. The sparks fly, th...

Robert's Rancher (2012) by Amber Kell

A Gamma's Choice (2012)

I really enjoyed the premise behind the start of the story, wolves who form a triad instead of a simple mated pair. But as with several of Kell's books that I've read lately, this one just got going with a wonderful relationship(s) and mystery, the book ends. I knew it was part of a series (altho...

A Gamma's Choice (2012) by Amber Kell

Keeping Kylen (2013)

Main Characters:Kylen - Elf King and mate to FarroFarro - Werewolf and mate to KylenSynopsisKylen is now king of the fae and missing his mate. The question as to whether the fae are as committed to their mates is answered when Kylen can no longer sleep, or eat. The rest of the fae worry he isn’t ...

Keeping Kylen (2013) by Amber Kell

The Case Of The Wicked Wolf (2013)

Sam, as we all learned in book one of The End Street Detective Agency series, really just wants to lead a normal, human life. But the PI Agency on End Street, left to him by his beloved uncle, seems to have other ideas.For one thing, Sam is having a hard time holding onto his anti-paranormal prej...

The Case Of The Wicked Wolf (2013) by Amber Kell

Keeping Dallas (2012)

The wacky plot in this was so contrived and solved at the end I was shaking my head. Basically a wolf submissive doesn't want his human master to know. But the human is really a wizard and he doesn't want his (he thinks) human sub to know. When it all finally comes out, seems some witch is out to...

Keeping Dallas (2012) by Amber Kell

Mastering Will (2014)

Adorable. The story’s structure made perfect use of its short length. Excellent choice of viewpoint shifts. And this is coming from someone who generally does not appreciate imaginary or flashback sex. But here it worked perfectly to illustrate the different levels of knowledge and views of each ...

Mastering Will (2014) by Amber Kell

Space Invaders (2013)

A war I fought in but never loaded or fired a real bullet. A war where hundreds of millions died but none felt the slice of metal into skin, the shattering of bone from the contact of copper and steel. I dreamt of sound waves that crashed and killed. Of bullets that exploded internally, obliterat...

Space Invaders (2013) by Amber Kell

Denying Dare

The scent of wrongness filled his nose as soon as they entered. A low growl sounded to his right. He glanced at his mate and saw Dare's eyes had changed, the pupils elongated, the iris's glowing. "Keep it together, babe," he said in a low voice. "I don't have any clothes for you to change into." ...

Denying Dare by Amber Kell


A hot wet mouth was sliding over his body, licking and nipping at his most sensitive spots and making him squirm from the sensation. It wasn’t until his cock was taken in one quick swallow that he realised he wasn’t dreaming. Blinking his eyes, he tried to focus on the dark head bobbing up and do...

Hellbourne by Amber Kell

Banded Brothers 03 - To Enchant An Eagle

He could feel the spell breaking down, chipping away beneath the onslaught of his will. His hawk half still slumbered, but maybe he could at least get his human part moving. “What the hell happened?” Carey walked into the room with Broden quickly following. Opening his mouth, Marty still couldn’t...

Banded Brothers 03 - To Enchant An Eagle by Amber Kell

Overcoming His Pride (2014)

He swallowed the lump of tension in his throat. Damn, he’d hoped to talk to James before he saw the woman sitting across from him. Fear over losing his son again choked him. “What are you guys doing here?” Shouldn’t they be back at the pride house? Someplace far away from him where he didn’t have...

Overcoming His Pride (2014) by Amber Kell

Cookies for Courting (2015)

He also couldn’t find a proper nanny for anything.     “Don’t give up yet,” Joyce said. “We’ve only interviewed five nannies.” “But statistically, those were the cream of the crop. It doesn’t give me much hope for the quali...

Cookies for Courting (2015) by Amber Kell

Mate Dance

"I don't think it's gotten much later in the past few seconds," his father said, laughing. "He'll be home soon." "He's practicing with an old flame. What if he goes out for drinks or something afterwards?" The thought of Raven getting chummy with his ex-lover sent acid churning in Kaemon's stomac...

Mate Dance by Amber Kell

Teasing Jonathan (2013)

Sitting upright, he gasped for air as the sound of gunfire echoed in his dreams and followed him into consciousness. The uncomfortable cold slime of sweat soaking through his shirt left a shivering trail down his back. Not again. His therapist had told him the dreams would start to fade. After a ...

Teasing Jonathan (2013) by Amber Kell

Destiny of Dragons

“Morning, Carey.”     “Morning, Dad.” He didn’t look up.     “Anything going on this morning?”     “Yeah, I think I know where the emperor might be.” Carey slid the paper across the table.     Aden read the headline. ...

Destiny of Dragons by Amber Kell

Santa Wishes

Blinking at the sound, Gregory Brown tried to get his eyes to focus only to remember he needed his glasses. His near-sightedness had only worsened with age until last week he’d broken down and bought corrective lenses. Damn, he felt old.Squinting he spotted his new silver frames on a wooden night...

Santa Wishes by Amber Kell

Talan's Treasure

~Queen Nyaha “That’s the best I can do. It should hide your marks but not cover up so much as to offend an interested master,” Odwill said. The elderly servant finished positioning the decorative cuffs over Chalice’s biceps, patting his arm with the familiar touch of a man who’d watched over his ...

Talan's Treasure by Amber Kell

Mate Test

You do not have resell or distribution rights without the prior written permission of both the publisher and the copyright owner of this book. This book cannot be copied in any format, sold, or otherwise transferred from your computer to another through upload to a file sharing peer to peer progr...

Mate Test by Amber Kell

To Bite A Bear

Harris Bender had a crush on vampire leader Rohan, so when the alpha male requests him to paint a mural, he can only say yes. However, after a passionate encounter, Harris discovered Rohan is his mate. Is the carefree artist ready to settle down with one man even if he’s extremely hot? Rohan had ...

To Bite A Bear by Amber Kell

Modeling Death (2011)

The man apparently had never liked Mandy and had only worked with her to get his hands on Jacob. "She's a bitch," Pablo said, his dark eyes hard. "Why didn't you say anything?" Guy asked. "Because as much as I don't like her, she did well by Jacob. I watched over the years, and as much of a bitch...

Modeling Death (2011) by Amber Kell

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