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Samhain's Kiss (2011)

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1920501835 (ISBN13: 9781920501839)
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Samhain's Kiss (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

"Oh fuck.""What? What's wrong?"Sasha turned his lover so he could see his back. "Love, I think you might want to get used to the idea of having wings."Randy paled. "What?""Well, I hate to bring up previous lovers, but long before you, I once had a fae lover. This is what their backs look like when their wings are retracted.""B-but that doesn't mean I'm going to have wings."Sasha stroked Randy's head. "We'll see, but I think your DNA might have changed a bit when you were taken over by the fae king's spirit."Randy let out an aggravated sigh. "Great. Because being the mate of a vampire wasn't enough of a challenge."Laughing, Sasha pushed his lover into the shower. "We'll worry about that tomorrow.""Easy for you to say," Randy grumbled."Yes, in fact it was." Sasha turned on the water. Wings or no wings, having Randy back in his world was worth any price. This is ridiculous.The big bad vampire that even Sasha is afraid of is felled in one sentence.Then Rael and Vallin? Pointless filler arc. We don't know these characters, and they're portrayed erratically. First they're foreshadowing for evil in the previous book, and then they were reluctant co-conspirators, and then all of a sudden they're declaring their love out of nowhere - a love that had no development at all previously.This isn't an action novel, but the discomfort of the author at writing fight scenes practically radiate from the book... And it manifests itself by reducing whole battles into single sentences. It's like the fourth book of Twilight all over again:It's happening... It's happening... IT'S HAPPENING!And then it's over and you're like, that's it? That's my orgasm after all that foreplay? Oh COME ON!And the attempt to power up Randall until he's over 9000? Not cool.

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This was an excellent addition to Amber's Blood Signs, I hope we read more about Randy and Sasha.

there better be more in this series.

loved it cant wait for the next one

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