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Read Series: Chronicles Of Kazam

by Author Jasper Fforde


The Eye of Zoltar (2014)

Another good book in the "Chronicles of Kazam" series that will challenge the reading level and imaginations of its audience.While this is a sequel to "The Song of the Quarkbeast" and a reader will probably more quickly lose themselves in the world if they've read one of the previous two books in...

The Eye of Zoltar (2014) by Jasper Fforde

The Return of Shandar (2014)

This one was way more exciting than the other two. Unlike the others, this one picked right up from the beginning and was clever and exciting all the way through. He comes up with such interesting characters and their interactions are clever and witty. I feel like I've been sucked into this wo...

The Return of Shandar (2014) by Jasper Fforde

The Song of the Quarkbeast (2013)

Jennifer Strange, non-magical manager of Kazam Mystical Arts, accepts a high-paying job for the firm to retrieve a ring that does not want to be found. They manage to pry it out from among the stones and spells at the bottom of a well, but Jennifer suspects their client is up to no good and refus...

The Song of the Quarkbeast (2013) by Jasper Fforde

Yo, Jennifer Strange, la última cazadragones (2011)

This book was phenomenal. It takes a lot for me to say that. While I read this for a class, I will definitely be reading it again.Jasper Fforde used many different tactics that made this book for me. I felt like I could step out of my life and into the lives of his characters. It made me happy to...

Yo, Jennifer Strange, la última cazadragones (2011) by Jasper Fforde