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Read Series: Cost Of Repairs

by Author A.M. Arthur


Foundation of Trust (2014)

I see this is Book 5 in a series. I haven't read books 1 - 4, in fact I haven't read any other works by Ms Arthur, I will however read the synopsis of her other stories and take the Goodread's scores into consideration and maybe, maybe...purchase another.I liked the end. Writing style is...

Foundation of Trust (2014) by A.M. Arthur

Acts of Faith (2013)

Oh man! This was the book I was waiting for in this series!!!! After devouring the first three books I was so happy Rey and Sam are back!!!! And with Faith! Yes yes yes!! I was laughing, crying, clenching my teeth waiting for things to get better! This one had it all, and with the best supporting...

Acts of Faith (2013) by A.M. Arthur

Weight of Silence (2013)

This storyline is developed and written in a childish and an unrealistic style. That's why I couldn't rate it higher. I liked Gavin and Jace, their romance was realistic enough and emotionally well written. Gavin was super cute and smart too. When he said to Jace “Sex is about two people. If you ...

Weight of Silence (2013) by A.M. Arthur

Color of Grace (2013)

"Color of Grace" is the second book in the "Cost of Repairs" series by A.M. Arthur. This time around we have Schuyler and Barrett, two men without a great deal in common other than both having pasts, though each one handling the repercussions of those pasts in their own ways. If they pursue a rel...

Color of Grace (2013) by A.M. Arthur

Cost of Repairs (2012)

Contemporary romance bringing two men together that have had more than their fair share of heartache. I enjoyed both Rey and Sam's characters. They are both trying to cope with the tragedies they have faced and are reluctant to give each other more than physical comfort.(that changes as they ge...

Cost of Repairs (2012) by A.M. Arthur