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Read Series: De Piaget

by Author Lynn Kurland


To Kiss in the Shadows (2006)

Lianna of Grasleigh spends all her days weaving tapestries of dragons and shadows, avoiding the intrigues of court, and trying desperately with needle and thread to recapture the beauty she has lost. She dreams of a fearless knight to rescue her from the king's stern wardship...Jason of Artane is...

To Kiss in the Shadows (2006) by Lynn Kurland

The More I See You (1999)

The More I See You(De Piaget Book #8)by Lynn KurlandGenre: Historical Romance | Time TravelA wish upon a star transports the luckless-in-love Jessica Blakely back in time to the thirteenth century, but her desire for a fair and gallant knight yields the fearsome Richard de Galtres. Though wary of...

The More I See You (1999) by Lynn Kurland

Dreams of Lilacs (2014)

I am so glad Isabel got her story:} The youngest of the DePiaget children I thought she got lost in the series I would read this book before the Christmas Cat story of Miles if you are reading them in order. I loved Isabel and I loved Gervase. The story was cute and different and the flow was gre...

Dreams of Lilacs (2014) by Lynn Kurland

Roses in Moonlight (2013)

A theft of antique lace and an American student visiting England feature in this tale of time travelling ghosts and romance. Samantha, who has a degree in textiles due to her domineering mother wanting Samantha to follow her and help her with antiques, manages to escape the family home and go to ...

Roses in Moonlight (2013) by Lynn Kurland

Mein zauberhafter Ritter (2010)

I'm hooked on this series. Didn't want to put the book down to go to sleep. I love the romantic tension that she builds. The medieval time periods add to the fun. It was a bit odd reading this book after the one I finished last week that actually comes after this one. But did fill in a lot of hol...

Mein zauberhafter Ritter (2010) by Lynn Kurland

One Magic Moment (2011)

Oh John, I was waiting to read his story since I knew he was lost in time. I love the cover of this book and it's a very good story. I liked John and Tess together. And see again Montgomery and Pippa, Gwen and Rhys, Robin, Nicholas, Kendrick, Miles... well, I love seeing the de Piaget boys again ...

One Magic Moment (2011) by Lynn Kurland

One Enchanted Evening (2010)

I could not get beyond the first chapter. It just dragged and took forever to introduce characters and backstory. I don't want to "read more and it gets better". If I don't care about the characters by the middle of the first chapter, I close it. So this book gets a DNF. By the way, I had not rea...

One Enchanted Evening (2010) by Lynn Kurland

Till There Was You (2009)

Lately all I want to read are nice clean romances. I am not really into books that have a great story with a little romance in the back. This book was cute, but just not enough for me. I have really enjoyed a few of this authors books, but my big complaint is TOO WORDY!! I got to the point wh...

Till There Was You (2009) by Lynn Kurland