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Read Series: Dragon Men

by Author Amber Kell


Mate Healer (2012)

While this couple wasn't quite as engaging as some of the previous MCs, I liked this book the best in the series so far because I felt it had the most substantial plot. Lian is a touch-healer, but on a planet where people have their own rapid self-healing, his skills are not highly valued. Lian...

Mate Healer (2012) by Amber Kell

Mate Hunt (2009)

3 1/2 stars. I really liked it. I wish some things had been explored more, but since it is the first in a series, I'll just have to hope for those tidbits in the next book. But OHHHH I wanted to see Val and Rai get a little more action together. I haven't looked to see if the next book has ne...

Mate Hunt (2009) by Amber Kell