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Read Series: Freebirds

by Author Lani Lynn Vale


Another One Bites the Dust (2000)

I´m a fast reader I startet this book this morning. I hate to put a book aside so now it is afternoon (Austria time) and I´m finished. Yesterday I found out that this book was released and so it was for me a must read because the first books in this series are so great and I loved everyone of it....

Another One Bites the Dust (2000) by Lani Lynn Vale

Highway Don't Care (2000)

Ember and Gabe are one of the best couples, if you ask me. Alright, they're all the best couples in their own right. Okay, they were definitely one of the funniest to me. There is such something about Ember that makes me laugh. I think it may be all her jokes, or her snark. I don't know but I fou...

Highway Don't Care (2000) by Lani Lynn Vale

Boomtown (2013)

2.5. Ugh. I wanted to like it. I really did. The story itself is alright. The words used to make it- not so much. There was so many contradictions throughout that I almost turned finding them into a drinking game- but I didn't want to go to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. And the. There was ...

Boomtown (2013) by Lani Lynn Vale