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Highway Don't Care (2000)

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Highway Don't Care (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

Ember and Gabe are one of the best couples, if you ask me. Alright, they're all the best couples in their own right. Okay, they were definitely one of the funniest to me. There is such something about Ember that makes me laugh. I think it may be all her jokes, or her snark. I don't know but I found myself giggling quite a few times reading this book. I will suggest this. By the time you get to this book, have a grid of who is with who, and who is related to who. If you don't remember, you will need it to keep them straight. That is my only complaint. By the time this book rolled around, I couldn't remember who was who's brother/sister/kid, etc. We still get to see our other characters in this book, which you know I love. Lani did another superb job with this one. She has the perfect balance of sexy, dramatic and humor in the storyline. Okay, maybe the scale leans a little more toward sexy and dramatic. Okay, Okay.. a lot more toward sexy and dramatic but still, it works. It's a great balance. You will find yourself amazed at who betrayed who in this story. You will love the way Ember stands up for her students and those she cares about. Your heart will break when the reality of Gabe's past comes back crashing down and the way he was betrayed. You will be so sad with what she thinks he wants. I was heartbroken, only for Lani to turn around and stitch that heart back together. Such a fabulous job, yet again. I am really enjoying Lani Lynn Vales Freebird series. I love the chemistry between the characters, the trust between the guys and the building family. It's just really nice to read a story that has well rounded characters and a developed story. Yes at times I have yelled at my kindle and have had to walk away but hey it isn't a good book if you don't. Lani does have some very hot sex scenes in this series so far Ember's best friend Cheyenne is married to Sam a member if the Freebirds. Ember's brother Max is also a member. Gabriel (Gabe) is a member of the Freebirds. He met/saw Ember a year earlier and knew he had to have her. Both Gabe and Ember were playing games with each other. Neither wanted to make the first move, and neither one did. That was until Ember was hurt after an attempted attack after work. Gabe made it his prime goal to protect what was his and he will make Ember his. But can he protect Ember from a notorious gang? What happens when Gabe's ex girl friend pulls up into the scene? Will they have their happily ever after?

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Loved loved loved this book! Can't for all the others to come out !

Blurb totally out of sync with actual story which is disjointed.

Really enjoying this series and look forward to the next book!

love this series!

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