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Read Another One Bites The Dust (2000)

Another One Bites the Dust (2000)

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Another One Bites The Dust (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I´m a fast reader I startet this book this morning. I hate to put a book aside so now it is afternoon (Austria time) and I´m finished. Yesterday I found out that this book was released and so it was for me a must read because the first books in this series are so great and I loved everyone of it.The story was great and I liked the part that the relationship between Max and Payton are very clear from the start on. I missed Cheyenne and Ember because these two are so special and I loved the dialogs from them in the previous books. The others are there too but not in the way how i would like it or I would wish. The plot was not very original and similar to the first books. But I will continue because I still want to know more about Sam and his father and of course James. It is a fast and easy read with funny scenes and a well written romance story not to forget the beautifully sexy men and sassy women. What I enjoyed about Max and Payton was that they didn't take themselves too seriously. Payton is dealing with PTSD after an attack on her where her ex boyfriend(Rory) left her to die. She is BFFs with Cheyenne thru nursing school and working at the hospital. Ember is Max's sister so Payton's known Max for awhile, and can't deny that she's attracted to him. Max is an ex ranger and member of Freebirds-a MC that help abused women find solace. Max and Payton hook up very quickly with lots of smexy time. I liked seeing the unity of the men-all who vowed to keep women and children safe. Sam gets a surprise from his estranged father,making him think twice about him. I have to mention Alpha-nothing like a loyal,lovable pooch. Max and Payton have their share of drama-Ohara fixed on getting revenge and Payton's accident. I loved the scene with Max and little Harleigh. I hope there are plans for James,Jack, and Bennett to get their stories told. Solid 4*

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I will just say this about Payton any girl that quotes DeNiro is alright with me! Funny read!

Nice read enjoyed likes the story will read more from this authors x

LOVE these stories but they really do need a major editing re-haul.

Awesome as Always ... Getting better & better... LOVE IT..

Really good story hated it to end.

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