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Read Series: Garrett's Of Wyoming

by Author Merline Lovelace


The Horse Soldier (2001)

Determined to find her missing husband, Julia Bonneaux and her young daughter make a dangerous journey to Wyoming. But at Fort Laramie Julie finds instead Major Andrew Garrett, the man she had secretly married seven years ago, a Union spy who had betrayed her and who she believed was dead. Now sh...

The Horse Soldier (2001) by Merline Lovelace

The Captain's Woman (2003)

Victoria Parker has loved Captain Sam Garrett for most of her life. So when the career soldier returns to Cheyenne after eight years in service to manage his family's business interests, Victoria sets out to win his heart -- even though she knows it belongs to another. But then hostilities erupt ...

The Captain's Woman (2003) by Merline Lovelace