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Read Series: Kara Gillian

by Author Diana Rowland


La main du démon (2014)

I am devastated that this series has taken a bad turn for me, I loved the detective aspect of these book and combined with the paranormal made the series addictive... and this time, the summoning that worried me in prior books has come to the forefront. I didn't like that this story remained in t...

La main du démon (2014) by Diana Rowland

Vom Dämon gezeichnet (2000)

An interesting paranormal serial murder investigation novel. I did worry it might turn into PNR for a while, but the author kept the story on track for most of the book.I can't say I'm as anxious to read the sequels as I am for other series, but I am keeping the Kara Gillian books on the to-read ...

Vom Dämon gezeichnet (2000) by Diana Rowland

La marque du démon (2012)

Good set up story and theory about demon stuff but too much about boring investigation :S A little slow in the beginning but once it picked up it was pretty good

La marque du démon (2012) by Diana Rowland

Les secrets du démon (2012)

what?! loved it. what a twist! Great series, definitely read it in order-- you will fall in love with Kara and her friends.

Les secrets du démon (2012) by Diana Rowland

Fury of the Demon (2014)

I do love this series, but if I have to be fair, then this one was not as awesome as previous book. It felt like a filler, who am I kidding it was a filler! Nothing happened for the first 300 pages. Then something happened fast and then it was all talk and plans again. So yes 500 pages were too ...

Fury of the Demon (2014) by Diana Rowland

Touch of the Demon (2012)

This book took a sharp departure from the previous, going from police procedural with a demon twist to fantasy world meets the karate kid. I'm not quite sure I liked it. I enjoyed the world and the book, but found a lot of it lagging. I don't really care about eighties style training sequences, I...

Touch of the Demon (2012) by Diana Rowland

Sins of the Demon (2012)

This book was the best one yet - I'm officially a huge fan of this series. All the characters seem to make more sense, and I'm flying through these books dying to know what happens next!Eihlahn (or however you spell it) MADE this book for me. She was fantastic. The scenes with her and the cat wer...

Sins of the Demon (2012) by Diana Rowland

Les péchés du démon (2012)

Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg! There I said it...I have to say more? But I already said it, omg! I raced through the whole book and then the end. I kicked myself for not having the next book, and then I ordered it at once. Now I have to wait DAYS, DAYS I tell you for it to arrive. I am dying here. I am...

Les péchés du démon (2012) by Diana Rowland

Secrets of the Demon (2011)

I'm really liking these books. I've read the first 3 in just a few days and I can't wait to read the rest of them soon. I like that Kara finally has some friends. I don't like that they are all hiding things from her but a lot of that got answered in this book. I'm still not sure what Rhyzka...

Secrets of the Demon (2011) by Diana Rowland

Mark of the Demon (2009)

I spent much of time thinking just how much I disliked the heroine. Too much self-deprecation, lack of confidence - but then managing to save the world. I did however fall for a few of the red herrings and the story got a lot better towards the end. This was one of those reads where I was on the ...

Mark of the Demon (2009) by Diana Rowland