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Read Series: Minnesota Brothers

by Author Lena Nelson Dooley


His Brother's Castoff (2004)

Anna Jensen's love isn't enough. After all, with one former beau married and another dead, Anna knows there must be something wrong with her. August Nilsson is consumed with envy for his older brother. Gustaf has everything August has ever wanted - a wife, a child, and a home. And before it all,...

His Brother's Castoff (2004) by Lena Nelson Dooley

Double Deception (2004)

Since her mother died, Rissa's stepfather, Pierre Le Blanc, has been her guardian. She hates the life they lead - always traveling from one place to the other - and longs for a way to escape. She has no hope - until they arrive in Litchfield, Minnesota. Lowell and Ollie Jenson are brothers as wel...

Double Deception (2004) by Lena Nelson Dooley