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Read Series: Playboys

by Author Jane Graves


Hot Wheels and High Heels (2007)

Trophy wife Darcy McDaniel has just discovered that, thanks to her embezzling husband, her posh, upper-class life is gone for good. Now she's trading her suburban palace for a trailer park and her weekly salon appointments for a job. Darcy needs a new man--fast--one who'll keep her in the manner ...

Hot Wheels and High Heels (2007) by Jane Graves

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings (2011)

More like a 2 1/2 star. I didn't love this. It was pretty boring and contrived. I didn't enjoy Heather nearly as much in this book as I did in her own book. She seemed like a completely different person. Same with Alison. I liked her way better in Heather's book. She was extremely and unattractiv...

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings (2011) by Jane Graves

Abartılı Yalanlar Aceleci Duvaklar (2000)

What Happens in Vegas DEFINITELY doesn't stay in Vegas for these two. Well it started off with a very drunk marriage in a vegas chapel plot which imo wad a bit too cliche but I wanted to try cliche for once so I gave it a try. But I was definitely in for a surprise because after the initial scene...

Abartılı Yalanlar Aceleci Duvaklar (2000) by Jane Graves

Smoking et layette (2012)

At first I didn't want to read this book because of the heroine's name, but then I totally fell in love with her and Jeremy. I loved the book. Everything I loved in a book, humor, emotionals, angsty, character development, attraction between the hero and the heroine, it was really perfect. I love...

Smoking et layette (2012) by Jane Graves

Smoking & layette (2012)

Started off really slow, but so glad I stuck with it. Really liked this book. good character development. nice plot and it wrapped up quite nicely too. i'm giving it a 3.5.

Smoking & layette (2012) by Jane Graves

Tall Tales and Wedding Veils (2008)

OMG, this was a great, lighthearted story that will keep you on your toes. You go from laughing one minute to tears the next. Heather Montgomery was a CPA who knew she did not match up to the local beauties and had accepted her fate. She was to be a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding (even tho...

Tall Tales and Wedding Veils (2008) by Jane Graves

Black Ties and Lullabies (2011)

I was reluctant to read this book as all these young and not-really working multimillionaire stories not for me. But this turned out to be a very enjoyable read. The hero was older (37) and the author actually showed that the hero worked hard to stay in business. The two opposite-attracts charact...

Black Ties and Lullabies (2011) by Jane Graves