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Read Series: Secrets Of My Hollywood Life

by Author Jen Calonita


Family Affairs (2008)

Product Details * Pub. Date: February 2009 * Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers * Format: Paperback, 352pp * Sales Rank: 35,226 * Age Range: Young Adult * Series: Secrets of My Hollywood Life Series * ISBN-13: 9780316118002 * ISBN: 0316118001I have now caught...

Family Affairs (2008) by Jen Calonita

On Location (2008)

This is the second book of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita. The reader catches up with Kaitlin right before she begins her movie shoot. She is dating Austin and attempting to learn her lines while waiting for filming to begin. However, nothing ever seems to run smoothly in...

On Location (2008) by Jen Calonita

Secrets of My Hollywood Life (2007)

242pp. Park Avenue, New York.Little,Brown and Company. $7.99ISBN: 978-0-316-15443-7“What if? Your picture was taped inside teenage boys' lockers across America, your closets were bursting with never-worn designer clothing, and the tabloids constantly asked whether you were losing your "good girl"...

Secrets of My Hollywood Life (2007) by Jen Calonita

On est vraiment bien chez soi (2012)

I read this in fourth quarter. It is a realistic fiction book awesome tie-together for the series! it has a plot similar to the wizard of oz.

On est vraiment bien chez soi (2012) by Jen Calonita

Sous les feux de Broadway (2011)

Kaitlin takes center stage in a Broadway play after her hit show ends. She goes through a lot of teenage things - problems with her boyfriend, concern about the future, publicity... oh, okay maybe not so much the last one, but it's still relatable and fun.It has a lot of behind the scene informat...

Sous les feux de Broadway (2011) by Jen Calonita

There's No Place Like Home (2011)

I loved the beginning of the series, but I think it just got annoying after a while. I like how the series wrapped up, and this 3 stars is a lot higher than the 3 stars I gave the last couple, if that makes any sense. I guess it's because the things that I've been so annoyed about and couldn't ...

There's No Place Like Home (2011) by Jen Calonita

Broadway Lights (2010)

I thought that this book was girlier than the others, which I didn't like very much, but I suffered through it and ill suffer through the rest. I think broadway lights is extremely unrealistic, and I almost felt like I was reading a fan fiction. I hope the last one but be as bad, although I don't...

Broadway Lights (2010) by Jen Calonita

Paparazzi Princess (2009)

This book is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I totally loved it!!!!!!!!!! I was sad that Family Affairs was ending so was Kaitlyn, The scripts in this book was really good, like a real t.v show :) Kaitlyn turns into a party girl after all her stress and gets into a fight with her bestie Liz. But she is able to...

Paparazzi Princess (2009) by Jen Calonita

Princesa Paparazzi (2009)

I was torn between four or five, but Chapter 15 and 16 made me cry and that made up for everything. The whole book led to that very moment and I'm proud of Kaitlin for how she handles things, even from the very first book. :) I'm glad to see her grow up but not to the point that she has left ever...

Princesa Paparazzi (2009) by Jen Calonita

Princesse des paparazzis (2009)

Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Paparazzi Princess written by Jen Calonita is a really great book. When I was reading this book, it really grabbed my attention because it was about a movie star who had a great boyfriend, with amazing opportunities and was dealing with big crises. There was many cr...

Princesse des paparazzis (2009) by Jen Calonita