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Read Series: Sex In Seattle

by Author Eli Easton


The Trouble With Tony (2013)

this is the first Eli book I've struggled with and that's because of personal preference. there was so much build up and murder investigating that it overshadowed the love story. the last chapter and epilogue is where it got good for me. I wanted to hear how Tony handled Jacks first nightmare and...

The Trouble With Tony (2013) by Eli Easton

Les ennuis riment avec Tony (2000)

Let me preface this whole review by saying I didn't want to read this story, but I have a problem. When a book is part of a series I have to read the series in order. It doesn't matter if the books aren't related. And I really want to read books 2 & 3 in this "Sex in Seattle" series. And as it...

Les ennuis riment avec Tony (2000) by Eli Easton

The Mating of Michael (2014)

There were aspects of this book I loved, and some I didn't care for. I'll tell you what I really didn't care for first. I could have done without the excerpts of James' novels. I am not a sci-Fi fan and I didn't find this interesting at all. What I did love was, well everything else! Micheal and ...

The Mating of Michael (2014) by Eli Easton