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Read Series: SPECTR

by Author Jordan L. Hawk


Summoner of Storms (2014)

Review for entire spectr series--a fun end to a fantastic reading year. This is a difficult series for me to review, and I've decided not to rate it until I've had some more time to mull.Unequivocally: Jordan L Hawk has a brilliant, creative mind with a fantastic grasp of plot and characterizatio...

Summoner of Storms (2014) by Jordan L. Hawk

Reaper of Souls (2013)

4.5 stars. This book is where I went from just liking this series to loving it. The plot was satisfying, but the final confrontation with the incubus at an abandoned lighthouse included several marvelous twists, one of which brings the relationship between Caleb and John and Gray to new levels of...

Reaper of Souls (2013) by Jordan L. Hawk

Master of Ghouls (2013)

I little more action in this one and a little more angst. I can't say this was a high four for me be it was entertaining to watch Grey get all grumpy about not getting to feed and confused about the possibility of not getting sex either. John and Caleb become the typical couple that don't talk ...

Master of Ghouls (2013) by Jordan L. Hawk