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Read Series: The Unearthly

by Author Laura Thalassa


The Coveted (2014)

2.5 stars. A "mystery" isn't really much of a mystery when it's all obvious. Everything that happened in this book was very easily predicted, and it fell a bit flat. I found it was an easy, but also shallow read. I still haven't quite connected with the characters and because of that I will not f...

The Coveted (2014) by Laura Thalassa

The Unearthly (2013)

After reading this captivating book in 2 1/2 hours flat, I am officially hooked on this fan-freakin-tastic series. Because not only was the world-building incredibly awesome, bit the characters were touchable as well. My only issues with this book were a few moments of lag, and not to mention the...

The Unearthly (2013) by Laura Thalassa