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The Unearthly (2013)

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0989206424 (ISBN13: 9780989206426)
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The Unearthly (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

After reading this captivating book in 2 1/2 hours flat, I am officially hooked on this fan-freakin-tastic series. Because not only was the world-building incredibly awesome, bit the characters were touchable as well. My only issues with this book were a few moments of lag, and not to mention the overly false bravado of a teenage girl who has yet to find her stride as a woman.Other than that, it was awesome!Giving this one: 4 huge stars... Okay, despite the first 15-20% of this book - I loved it!! The beginning seemed like it was just fodder to get to the real plot. Which I get because the plot of this story was great! But I was thiiiiss close to giving up on this book bc the author just didn't take the time to write a good beginning. I'm glad I didn't though! I love the idea behind this story! Siren and Vampire halfbreed? Nice! Political coup? Even better! Scary vampire King is your soulmate? Yowsa!!Loved Andre! Yummy! Leanne and Oliver were a little ehh in the beginning (like I said, the author really didn't put much effort into the beginning) but I loved them in the end!

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“If i could describe this book in one sentence... Ha! One Word - it would be "Magnifique!”

This looks so damn good! Oh my god, can't wait to get my hands on this.

I really loved this book.. I want the next one like now!!

I liked it, cool take on the vampire and siren mythology


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