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The Coveted (2014)

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The Coveted (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

2.5 stars. A "mystery" isn't really much of a mystery when it's all obvious. Everything that happened in this book was very easily predicted, and it fell a bit flat. I found it was an easy, but also shallow read. I still haven't quite connected with the characters and because of that I will not finish this series, though I found its world intriguing at first.It was Scarlett Dawn who recommended The Unearthly for readers who enjoyed King Hall and the Forever Evermore series, but IMO these do not measure up at all. The Coveted picks up where the first book, The Unearthly ended…full of action and intrigue. A vicious murder creates problems for the new vampire: Gabrielle. She being a vampire automatically makes her a suspect, naturally. *rolls eyes* Moving on… So, since being part of a supernatural task force, Gabrielle is assigned to investigate the murder,and she thinks if she can figure out who the culprit is, she can clear her name. Only more murders pile in and Gabrielle is suspended in order to keep the peace. She is also ordered to contact the head vampire in her coven…Andre. Okay, so I was jumping for joy here. I so wanted Gabrielle and Andre to find their way back to one another. I mean, they’re soul mates for crying out loud!Gabrielle ends up caving and her first conversation with Andre—after being separated from him for so long—is just super sweet. So, with their relationship on the mend you’d think everything would be hunky—dory. No, that’d be way too easy. The devil is determined to make Gabrielle his. Add more murders, her best friend, Leanne and her really odd mood changes, Caleb still wanting something more than friendship with her, and Oliver’s funny commentary on ‘Everything Gabrielle and Andre,’ and you’ve got one hell of a hard book to put down. In fact, I ended up reading The Coveted in one sitting…but now I want more. Of course Laura Thalassa’s follow up is just as, if not more thrilling to read than the first book.Review by Angela

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A little slow at the beginning but then picks up to a cliffhanger at the end

loved it. This was an amazing followup. waiting on the next one


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4.2 Stars

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