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Read Series: The Weekday Brides

by Author Catherine Bybee


Single by Saturday (2014)

Well I didn't think that Cath would be able to get a good story out of these characters but being a five star writer of five star books she,s written a cracker. Thought provoking and well researched this tells a story of troubled kids and a gay sham marriage. Its enjoyable and funny, with some cl...

Single by Saturday (2014) by Catherine Bybee

Casado até Quarta (2013)

I read this in one sitting. It was really hard for me to take breaks. Very pleasurable read with incredible characters. I adored Samantha and Blake; the author gave them all the characteristics of a man and lady - sophistication, courteousness, and respectability. I loved the exploration of all s...

Casado até Quarta (2013) by Catherine Bybee

El contrato (2013)

Setting: California, England, and New York. ContemporaryGenre: RomanceWell, I'm trying to review this on the merits of the story. The premise is one that's more common in regency romance: Filthy rich Duke must, because of stipulations in his father's will, marry by his birthday on Wednesday. It'...

El contrato (2013) by Catherine Bybee

Taken by Tuesday (2014)

I enjoyed the action parts of the book more than the romance. But it was still entertaining to read, and so I finished it in a day. Haha!Series note: I missed Blake and Neil. There were just a few mention of the former, and not enough of the latter.. And though Carter and Eliza's story was my lea...

Taken by Tuesday (2014) by Catherine Bybee

Fiancé by Friday (2013)

(Sep) I still think Wife by Wednesday was the best so far of this cute series. Gwen has had a crush on Neal for ages. She's 31, but hard to believe this as she is treated and acts like she's maybe in her mid 20s. Neal is a big burly bodyguard who has feelings for Gwen but hides them as he feels h...

Fiancé by Friday (2013) by Catherine Bybee

Married by Monday (2012)

I really enjoyed this book. The hero, Carter aka Hollywood was handsome, smart and sexy. The heroine Eliza was strong and witty. I really like the story line and her secret, (don't want to spoil anything so I won't tell the secret). There was fantastic dialogue throughout, sexual tension, great c...

Married by Monday (2012) by Catherine Bybee

Wife by Wednesday (2000)

Blake Harrison has everything. Good looks, wealth, smarts, charm and a duke title. However, in order to keep it all he needs a wife. An uncomplicated wife. A no strings attached wife. A wife on paper. A business arrangement. For that he turns to fellow businessman Sam Elliot. Except, Sam is a gor...

Wife by Wednesday (2000) by Catherine Bybee