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Read Series: Twist Me

by Author Anna Zaires


Twist Me - Verschleppt (2014)

Yet another story about a young woman, Nora, who is stalked by an obsessed rich stranger, drugged and taken to a remote island to be held captive by him, presumably forever. However, I really liked this one more than some of the others I have combined just the right amount of wrong with...

Twist Me - Verschleppt (2014) by Anna Zaires

Keep Me (2000)

Had to pick this up straight after I finished the first book, and guess what... another novel completed in one sitting. Although the action was probably...40% of the time it was intriguing. The torture that he underwent left me baffled and rolling around in agony because it was just so vivid in m...

Keep Me (2000) by Anna Zaires

Twist Me (2014)

So the fact that I loveeeed this book means I'm sort of messed up? No?. Oh well.I've found out lately that Dark erotica is my guilty pleasure and I'm loving it! And this is one of the best books I've read with this subject, it's addictive, hot!, romantic, creepy, confusing and everything a book l...

Twist Me (2014) by Anna Zaires