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Furnace 3 - Death Sentence

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Faber and Faber

Furnace 3 - Death Sentence - Plot & Excerpts

Every time we passed a guard in the corridor he would nod at me, and I returned the gesture, knowing at long last what it meant to belong, to be a Soldier of Furnace.
    ‘You have seen most of the prison, from one side of the bars or the other.’ The warden spoke over his shoulder as he walked, with only a trace of annoyance in his words. ‘But we shall forgive your past trespasses. Only now will you understand the truth of what takes place here, of what we have created.’ He reached the end of the passageway and turned left, stopping at another guarded door. The blacksuit released a huge lock, then pulled the gate open, slamming it as soon as we had passed. I recognised the corridor we were in by the junction up ahead – the right passage ending in the incinerator, the left heading up past the surgery rooms into the infirmary. But the warden led us straight ahead.
    I’d been up this way before. The ghost of a memory haunted my thoughts, showing me a corridor leading off to the right, and dozens of crooked creatures in filthy jackets and gas masks staggering down it.

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