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Unbridled (2010)

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Unbridled (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

The sky was steel gray and she had a feeling there would be no riding, judging by the pregnant clouds that filled the sky.
It might be a good thing since her behind and legs were still on fire from her ride the other day. She’d taken a long bath, but she felt every second of the time she’d spent on Rusty. Her gait was slow as she walked gingerly toward the mess hall.
The last day had given her the opportunity to center herself and think about everything that had happened since she’d arrived in Wyoming. The heart of her issues related to her parents, and since they were both dead, she had to accept that there would be no catharsis, no way to resolve anything.
It sucked big-time, and left her completely frustrated. She realized she couldn’t take it out on everyone around her, but that didn’t mean she was about to lie down and let everything happen around her. She’d spent ten years burying her head in the sand and that time had passed.
Connor was about to have an accountant join the running of the ranch, like it or not.

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