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Heart Ties (Club Ties Book 2)

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Heart Ties (Club Ties Book 2) - Plot & Excerpts

The dress was vixen red and hugged her curves like his new Knucklehead hugged the road. Her waist seemed impossibly small in it, her ass full and… goddamn, he was as hard as steel.
Standing behind her, he stared at her reflection as she held her eyes wide and applied another coat of mascara. “You don’t need it. Your lashes are going to enter the room before you do,” he said.
Surprise crossed her face then she grinned. “You’re in a good mood.”
“I dunno why. I’m sending my princess in to get information on fucking counterfeit money in an illegal gambling ring.”
“Don’t forget the Russian.” She set aside her mascara and drew her long hair over one shoulder. It was silk lying against her breast and down to her waist.
“What the hell’s a Russian doing in Alabama anyway? It’s like serving caviar at a hick wedding reception.” He folded his fingers into his hands. If he touched her now, they’d lose a night in bed and she’d never do this.
Maybe that was the best idea.

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