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Read Hellsing, Vol. 09 (2008)

Hellsing, Vol. 09 (2008)

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Hellsing, Vol. 09 (2008) - Plot & Excerpts

Seras helps Hellsing defeat Anderson, a traitor engages Alucard, Seras and Hellsing go to meet the Major.I'm almost inclined to rate this 3 stars, just because it beat my expectations! (but I do like goodreads' suggestion that 2 stars means 'it was okay' and 3 stars means 'i liked it'... it was okay!). The traitor surprise isn't really very interesting... kind of dues ex machina just because most of the known enemies had already been killed off. [The traitor] really could have done a lot more damage earlier on, and had a lot more ramifications. This was not an interesting surprise, or really even a surprise. More plot mechanism (though this story is very light on plot). I got lost visually more often in this volume than recently, since the first three volumes probably. I think this was because the fighting was more dramatic/shape-shifty and the vampires were manifesting as previous conquests (an interesting ability, but not all the characters have been that memorable, and they're also not all that visually distinct, and I don't accurately recall who killed who previously). Still in the middle of a fight scene. The art in Hellsing is, of course, stunning but this fight for London has been going on for a while now. I've sort of lost track of who's fighting whom and why. I'm going to miss Walter though.I thought the scene where Integra had already happened. She'd already commanded Alucard to do whatever it took to defeat the Zombie Nazi menace so I was a little confused that it happened again.Now that all the normal soldiers have been killed, and we're starting to work on the super soldiers, I'm hoping that London will be either won or lost soon. I liked the earlier stories from Hellsing better. Little bit of dialogue, little bit of awesome over-the-top action and on to a new story. I'm losing track here.

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I enjoy the ending, can't wait for the released of the ova.

le gasp! Walter u traitor!!


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