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Read Hellsing, Vol. 10 (2010)

Hellsing, Vol. 10 (2010)

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Hellsing, Vol. 10 (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Although slightly underwhelming, the ending to this series didn't bother me. I liked it, but I could see why many others felt cheated. The Major's plan to destroy Alucard was brilliant in its own way, and his character is one of my all-time favourite villains of all time simply because of how gleefully evil he is for evil's sake. The artwork is as detailed as ever, and the showdown was emotional and fitting for this series. I love this series through-and-through and can't wait to finally buy every volume so that I can read through it whenever I want (I borrowed all the volumes from my library and have only managed to buy the first volume from Amazon so far). It's kind of sad to see it all end but it was a good ending nonetheless. Gran final para una serie con varios altibajos que repunta algunos tomos un tanto cansadores para cerrar con broche de oro. Me encanta cómo se resuelve la naturaleza casi divina del protagonista y el epílogo de 30 años después le da la última y genial vuelta de tuerca a una gran saga. Del dibujo no se puede decir más que a esta altura alcanza niveles que pasan de espectaculares y Hirano es uno de los mejores narradores bélicos que conozca. Cuando pueda, subo la edición argentina, que es la que tengo.

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Edición argentina, último tomo. Momentáneamente se encuentra agotado.

Interesting end to this series... Will have to watch the anime next!

Well that devolved into a pointless bloodbath. Ugh.

Very good. I am sad that it is almost over.


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