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Hereward 04 - Wolves of New Rome

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Hereward 04 - Wolves Of New Rome - Plot & Excerpts

Through the heat haze, the creamy walls of an ancient city wavered in a baking landscape of brown rock and ochre sand. Trails of smoke drifted upwards from the flat roofs into a sky the colour of old skulls. Though it seemed close enough to touch, Sabta was still a day or two away. The men breaking camp in the lee of a low hill knew that, took their time. Too much exertion was not wise in the oven of the day.
Alric leaned back against a rock at the top of the rise, taking advantage of what little shade remained. His face was the colour of the sky, his cheeks hollow. Through eyes haunted by pain, he glanced down at the bloody cloth bound around his left hand. The stump of his finger whined, and needles of agony stabbed into his knuckle.
Hearing a noise behind him, he glanced back to see Meghigda hurrying towards him across the sand. Her expression was fierce, and in that moment he understood how she instilled fear in her enemies. There was a power to her.
At first he wondered how he had wronged her, but then she swooped down and plucked up one of the poisonous scurrying creatures that infested that land.

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