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Read Honey And Decadence (2013)

Honey and Decadence (2013)

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Honey And Decadence (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

The look accentuated her already lanky body. She crinkled her nose. Three hours before when she’d gone through the cleaning regimen for the dinner, she’d felt more confident. This was just another job, nothing else.
Except Sean was involved.
She squared her shoulders then headed out of the bathroom on the second floor of Delight Tonight. Elias and Sean barely used the second floor unless they were catering a wedding or private party. Even then, they never used the room marked ‘Office’ as the office. Elias kept the books and computer downstairs off the kitchen.
“Elias?” She knocked on the door to the quaint room. “Are you ready for me?”
“Come on in,” came his reply from behind the door.
She twisted the handle and a shiver of excitement raced through her veins. Only an hour longer and she’d see Sean. Elias shook out a plastic tablecloth then covered the cushioned table.
“Hey.” He grinned and patted the table. “Climb up. I’ll be right back.”
She shrugged out of the robe, then stretched out on the plastic.

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