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Lord Somerton's Heir

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Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia Pty Ltd

Lord Somerton's Heir - Plot & Excerpts

The only sound in the room came from the deep-throated tick tock of the grandfather clock in the corner. Birdsong drifted in through the open window along with the smell of the late summer roses that bloomed prolifically in the bright, sunny little garden.
She held her cup in both hands and smiled. She had never felt such utter peace and contentment as if she, in some way, had come home. She looked up as Sebastian entered the room, instinctively ducking his head under the lintel.
He wore his travelling clothes and carried a hat in his hand and her heart sank.
‘You’re leaving?’ she enquired.
‘Now I know Connie is on the road to recovery, I must get back to Lincolnshire. There’s so much to be done and I dare not stay away too long.’ Disappointment tugged at Isabel as she set her cup back in its saucer. ‘I will pack immediately.’ He stood looking down at her, twisting the brim of his hat in his big hands. ‘Actually, Lady Somerton, I have another boon to ask of you.’ She smiled.

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