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Read Love Letters From Ladybug Farm (2010)

Love Letters from Ladybug Farm (2010)

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Love Letters From Ladybug Farm (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Lori squealed, and flung open her arms. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!”
Richard thrust the roses unceremoniously into Cici’s arms and rushed to his daughter’s side, wrapping her in his embrace. “Now then!” he declared. “What’s all this I hear about you dropping out of the Olympics? The press has been all over me, but I assured them a little thing like a broken leg wouldn’t keep my girl down.”
Lori giggled, and he caught her face between both his hands and kissed her forehead, then both cheeks. “How’re you feeling, sweet thing? Tell me all about it.”
Lori proceeded to do so, with eyes shining and voice animated, and Lindsay watched with a slow cynical shake of her head. “What is it about a daddy that can turn a woman into a ten-year-old girl in a heartbeat?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” Cici said. “Maybe the fact that he only shows up when there’s a crisis?”
Bridget, who was the only one who bothered to lower her voice, offered, “It’s not like we haven’t been by her side for twenty-four hours straight or anything.”

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