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Magnet - Plot & Excerpts

With Loesh next to her, she pointed to her target space and she sprinted along the tarmac with him at her side.
    “Tell me where you need to be and I will get you there.” Loesh’s voice was low in her ear.
    “Lined up with that ship. I need to get near that pylon.”
    Before she could say another word, he picked her up and she had been whooshed to her destination.
    He set her down on her feet, and she beckoned to the ship, pulling it along the ground on a repulsion field. It glided toward her silently, and she pushed it into a launch position.
    She heard shouts of alarm as the ship moved, but she focussed on putting it down and finding her next target.
    Loesh muttered something and grabbed her, spinning her out of the way when shots were fired in their direction.
    She gasped for air when they stopped in front of her next target.

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