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No Place Like Home (2006)

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Steeple Hill

No Place Like Home (2006) - Plot & Excerpts

He had to concede that Cassie was tenacious and creative, but his heart felt heavy looking at Dottie. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and her concern for the girl was touching. But the kid would be okay, and Bob and Jake would live.
He wasn’t so sure about himself.
How was he going to live in the same town with Dottie? See her walking down the street, sitting in the pew, standing on his porch, hear her laughter… You just will.
That didn’t mean it would be easy. Every second around her made it harder.
Watching her work so hard to make this ministry happen brought an even greater level of respect to the feelings he had for Dottie. She worked endlessly, she was tired and even now she was hurting. He’d noticed her slight limp as she’d come up the path earlier. Most people wouldn’t notice, because it was so faint. But he noticed everything about her. And he knew her hip had to be hurting pretty bad or she’d be able to hide the limp. The way she usually did.
That he could see even the slightest indication of one meant she was fighting hard to hide the pain or just too tired to fight it.

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