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Of Alliance and Rebellion

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Of Alliance And Rebellion - Plot & Excerpts

Was that his tongue brushing across her bottom lip?
So, tasting each other this way was acceptable. At least, it was acceptable between Max and her, apparently. That single, velvet caress of his tongue across the sensitive skin of her lip was going to be her undoing, for that action made her want to commit a dozen more actions: embrace him, press her breasts into his chest, feel him between his legs again, return the lick.
It was too many ideas at once, and her mind grasped on the easiest of those at this moment: return the lick.
Anahita tilted her head and jumped when her nose bumped into his. Heat flooded her cheeks. That wasn’t supposed to have happened, was it? Most High, she was an idiot.
“’S okay,” he muttered against her lips. And then he grasped her face with both of his hands and tilted it the way she had been aiming to do so herself.
That was when she realized he’d dropped his hand from covering his face. Her eyes popped open. She wanted to see him. To see all of him.

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