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On His Honor

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On His Honor - Plot & Excerpts

With a crack, yes, but the deep purple, golden-throated irises and the white dove set a scene she could easily imagine sighing over as she stretched out in that tub. As she felt knotted muscles untangle inch by inch while steamy water soothed her skin and lapped at the curve of her breasts…as JD slowly trailed his fingers up her legs and— “Does that smile mean you like it?”
    Violet whirled too quickly and overset herself.
    As he had been so many times before, JD was there to steady her. Tenderly he stroked a lock of hair back from her face, tucking it behind her ear. His eyes were a smoky seduction, all by themselves. Idly she noticed a bump on the bridge of his nose and reached up to caress it. “How did you break it?”
    “Brothers tend to fight.” His gaze was zeroed in on her, too, though he held himself still. Letting her choose what would happen next.
    She traced the line of his nose, the plane of one chiseled cheekbone.

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