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Pathway to Tomorrow

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Pathway To Tomorrow - Plot & Excerpts

Izzie thrust her arm under Jodie’s nose and screwed her eyes tight shut. “Unless you pinch me hard I won’t believe it!”
    “What?  That we’re going to stay with Marcus.” Jodie laughed at her.
    “How can you be so casual?  We are not going to stay with Marcus.  We are going to London to stay with Marcus Lewis. Just wait ‘til I tell all my friends.  They’ll be green with envy.”
    “You won’t have an opportunity to tell them anything at all unless you hurry up and get ready. We need to leave in three minutes or we’ll be late for our appointment.”
    “It’s such a waste of time,” Izzie grumbled as she shrugged her arms into a thick sweater and finger combed her hair in front of the mirror. “You know exactly what she’s going to say because she says it every time. Isabella is such an asset to the school and such a credit to you Ms Eriksson.  I’m sure she’ll do well in her exams and be accepted by whatever university she chooses.”

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