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Penumbra - Plot & Excerpts

He seemed to have gained strength since landfall, after the rigours of suspension. He was moving more easily, restored to his old ebullient self, as if looking forward to the exploration of Penumbra.
      Bennett packed the containers of food on the flat-bed. Ten Lee fastened the inflatable dome with polycarbon ties and Mackendrick checked that the water canisters were full. At last they stood beside the cab of the vehicle, preparatory to driving from the Cobra’s hold. Bennett let out a breath; the gravity of Penumbra was slightly higher than on Earth, and the effort of loading the transporter had tired him. He felt the tug of the planet’s gravity pull on his entrails, making his limbs heavy and sluggish.
      ‘We’ll need these as a precaution,’ Mackendrick said, handing out facial masks. ‘The air’s breathable, but we won’t know about any possible dangerous microorganisms until the tests come in.’   Bennett took his mask and slipped it over his nose and mouth, feeling it seal itself to his skin like something alive.

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