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Phoenix - Plot & Excerpts

Light witches and Dark witches. Humans. Food shortages. Wars. A murderous Splinter group.
Thank you, Mother, for the fine mess you left me.  Everything around me is beginning to crumble, but I have to convince the people of our – no my – Society I have everything under control. That I am the rightful heir of Caitlyn Green. I can't let them see my weaknesses.
Before me, James Martinez, a reporter for News Feed 5, leans forward, scrutinizing me. His peppermint breath fans my face. "You appear so healthy for a young woman who just suffered a brutal attack." "It was nearly a week ago." The feed isn't rolling yet, but I'm still guarded in my answer. Cold sweat beads along my hairline, and I try to inconspicuously brush it away. The dampness in my armpits is a different matter, and I pray I have no reason to lift my arms. "I was fortunate to have the best healers in the Society work on me." "I bet you did." James clears his throat and adjusts the floppy cravat he wears wrapped around his neck.

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